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New beginnings

Welcome to my brand new shiny blog!

I am here because I am about to start my first attempt at IVF and I have lots of thoughts and feelings that, try as they might, my friends and family don’t understand. I need this to be somewhere that I can blow off some IVF-related steam in the hope that I can then talk about something else with my poor, long-suffering husband.

I have spent the last 2 years being tested for everything under the sun and the current theory is that I have mild PCOS and, although I do ovulate, I do so “inadequately” which leaves me with low progesterone levels. My husband’s sperm are few and far between, deformed and lazy. So basically, either of us would struggle to conceive on our own and yet we attracted each other like a pair of fertilically-challenged magnets.

I have spent at least a year googling all sorts of things that I shouldn’t have in a desperate search for justifaction that the way that I am feeling is ok. I kept reading blogs written by these smart, funny ladies who were feeling what I was feeling. I have finally taken the leap to join this community of brave, fierce ladies who can laugh in the face of adversity and keep on fighting.

Come, join me! x


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