It’s nearly time!!

So, I have my IVF co-ordination appt on 9th August and right now I am trying to pass the time in the quickest way possible. I’ve stayed away from the blog as I had 5 friends announce their pregnancies in one week and I kind of lost my mojo temporarily, but I’m back and getting very excited now. I should be ready to commence stabbing in 3-4 weeks *smiles nervously*

I have watched all 4 series of True Blood that are out on DVD in the UK whilst sulking about my stupid, fertile friends and i am a little bit in love with Alexander Skaarsgard. Is it weird to watch people on the TV and think to yourself “i bet they’re fertile”? *sigh* you don’t need to answer, i know it’s weird.

DH has booked a weekend in Rome for straight after the co-ordination appt so I can’t wait for that, it gives me something slightly less daunting to look forward to. I probably won’t even be spotting at that point in my cycle so who knows, maybe I’ll get pregnant – pah!!!


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6 responses to “It’s nearly time!!

  1. Ha! It’s probably weird as hell, but I do it too. While watching TV, seeing people walk down the street (with strollers), all I can think is, I bet that guy has tons of good sperm. Like, what?!
    Spontaneous pregnancy on vacation would be nice wouldn’t it? I kinda hate the people who get to do that like it’s nothing. 😦
    Anywho, keep us posted with the details after your appt! I start stims on August 17th!

    • I’m glad it’s not just me! My current estimate is that I will start stimming on 24th so I’m not far behind. Have you looked into acupuncture yet? You really should. I have an appointment on 10th first thing in the morning, we picked more expensive flights to Rome especially so that I can keep to my appointment. It’s basically like having a therapist who sticks needles in me so that we can both pretend I don’t need therapy!!

      • I actually have! I found a place in my neighborhood that’s really cheap (pay what you can afford it’s called?), but then I realized that it’s ‘community’ acupuncture. Meaning there’s a bunch of people in 1 big room at once, in various stages of treatment. Not sure how I feel about that, but might do it anyway because of the cost. And you know how shitty our insurance coverage is over here. haha

        Rome?! I am so incredibly jealous. Have a great trip!

      • That’s really nice. Not sure that it will bring you the same spa-like serenity but who cares, that sh*t WORKS. It’s crazy. My lady will say, ok this time I’m going to try to increase the flow of your next period – then I had the heaviest period of my life. It was gross! Haha!

  2. Kim

    I just stumbled across your blog but wanted to wish you luck. We suffer from MFI as well and this will be IVF #2 after a failed IVF and FET. Hope the first one works for you. The actually IVF process is not bad at all it is the TWW that is the killer.

    • Thank you so much Kim and good luck to you too. I think the absolute worst thing about of of this is the anticipation. When will I start stabbing? When will I have retrieval? How many eggs will I get? How many will fertilise? Am I pregnant? Should I test yet? When can I start again? This should make us incredibly patient people but it might just turn us into crazies! I’ll swing by your blog now… MFI sucks x

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