It’s August, which means I’m starting IVF #1 THIS MONTH


Time is no longer linear. It either draaaaaaaaags or it flies by. And right now it is seriously flying by. Soon I’ll be starting this thing that has been hanging over me ever since we got the male factor diagnosis in July last year. I know that I can do this, but that doesn’t mean that I want to.

What is everyone planning to tell their work about time off for scans etc? I need some inspiration!! I was going to tell my work but then my colleague got pregnant so in my mid year review my boss told me I’m not allowed to get pregnant until she gets back from maternity leave in July next year *awkward*.

How long are you all planning to have off post transfer? How are you handling the waiting? I could do with some tips for relaxation techniques that don’t include wine or chocolate!! Yoga and acupuncture rock my world but I definitely relax better with a 150g bar of green & blacks almond chocolate mmmmmmmmmmm.

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