Say wha?!

Yesterday, spurred on by my list of things to do before IVF, I filled in the mountain of paperwork that I need to take to my appointment on Thursday.

I found a rough timetable in this pile and it turns out that I get my first ultrasound scan on day 9 of my cycle. Whaaaat?!

I am sure that most private cycles come with a lot more monitoring? I am obviously hugely grateful to not have to pay for this cycle but I am afraid that I will end up either massively over-stimulated or barely responding at all. By day 9 I will have been stimming for 8 solid days with no monitoring. Yikes!

I’m adding a couple of new questions to my list of questions including “can I have an earlier scan please?!”.

At least I won’t have to worry about having any time off work until September!!

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