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Cramp cramp cramp

Today I have mostly been cramping and pooing, which generally means one thing: tomorrow will be CD1. I won’t count my chickens until they’ve hatched, this may drag on for another day before it really gets going, but if I was a betting kind of girl I’d put a tenner on tomorrow being the day.

This will be brilliant timing if it works as the first 3 days of injections would be on days when I don’t have work as Monday next week is a bank holiday in the UK. In theory I will know what I’m doing by Tuesday & I shouldn’t be a mad panic in the morning. IN THEORY.

That would make Wednesday 29th my first scan appointment as the doc said he wanted to see me on my 5th day of stimming despite the paperwork saying that I wouldn’t get a scan until day 9! I’ve decided that my story for that scan is going to be a dentists appointment as we’ve recently gotten dental cover through work so it’s very believable.

I have acupuncture on Friday 31st, which I’m already looking forward to. DH has an appointment that morning too. I’m really pleased with him for having acupuncture as he doesn’t like needles and he’s not a big believer in alternative therapies but he came along to a session I had on my birthday in December last year and he really liked the lady & she showed him the needles & stuff & he has had a couple of appointments since then.

I don’t spend much time being grateful for my husband but this week he has decided he’s going to get into the routine of giving me a footrub in bed every night before I go to sleep to help with any pre-IVF anxiety – how cute is that?! And when I met him on the train home last night he had these with him


So right now I’m feeling grateful, excited, and crampy!!


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