Day one of my first ever IVF cycle

So yesterday the “feeling in my gut” (literally) was “spot” on (I need to get out more!). Today is CD1 so I ate my last chocolate treat and I savoured it. I washed it down with some ibuprofen and embraced the cramps. Tomorrow, even though it’s a Saturday I will set my alarm for 6am. I will calmly ice a spot on my lower abdomen – any recommendations for where hurts less? – and when it’s reasonably numb I will wipe an alcohol swap on it & wait for it to dry as I hear that it can sting if you don’t. Once I’ve finished procrastinating I will then stick myself with 112.5 of Gonal F.

From what a quick google search tells me, Gonal F seems to be relatively symptom free and easy to handle and they have put me on a very low dose to avoid OHSS. People take 3 times my dose and are relatively symptom free so that’s good news. I’ll go in for my day 5 scan to see how I’m responding & at that point if we need to up the dose then so be it. I would definitely start low and up it if needed. When I took clomid my progesterone level went from 20.1 to 173 in one month, I know that my body is capable of doing this.

My scan appt is booked in for 7am on Weds next week and it’s only 25 mins on the tube from my work so in theory I won’t even be late for work as I start at 8am. If I’m a little late I can just blame the trains.

Is this really finally happening? I am excited. My plan between now and Wednesday is to distract myself with a combination of fun activities and lots of rest as I’m really tired and I need to catch up on some sleep. So right now Wednesday is my focus. One tiny step at a time on the “road to our baby”. If this cycle doesn’t work I don’t want to think that it was because I didn’t rest enough or because I ate too much junk food and those are both things that I can control so I’m going to do my best right now and I’ll keep you posted. Xxx


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4 responses to “Day one of my first ever IVF cycle

  1. Yipppeeee! It’s here!

    You will quickly figure out which are good spots for you. Lucky for me I have plenty of cushion on my belly, so I have room to choose from. I tend to stay close to my belly button, either right above or below, and a few inches to either side. If I go too far to the side of my abdomen I seem to hurt and BRUISE a lot more.

    As long as you ice for a good 2 minutes you’ll be okay. (Basically as soon as the area looks red from the ice.) If I’m haphazard and don’t ice for long enough, I can tell right away that I can still feel and I have to ice again. Have you been shooting up the Lupron already? If so, disregard most of what I’m telling you. 😉

    Gonal-F is totally easy. The pens are great if that’s what you have; the needle is super thin. It’s painless compared to the insulin needles I’ve been using for Lupron. I am on more than 3x that dosage so I’m sure you’ll be okay. I think they base your dosage on your baseline hormones, because I started at 225 IU. I think they knew I’d be sluggish from the get-go.

    Yay! We’re both on the Road to our Babies! 🙂

    • Yay! No I have been able to skip the down regulation phase as I’m on the short protocol. That means 12 days of gonal F pens & the last 7 of those I’ll also have an antagonist that’s called something like cetrocide & that’s it. Easy right? Tell that to me in 8 hours
      when I’m stabbing myself alone in my kitchen! I’m off to bed now, I’ll report back in the morning x

  2. I promise-it really isn’t that bad! It goes by fast! Good luck!

    • Thank you so much, I’m on my fourth day of stimming and that’s certainly been my experience so far. The anticipation of everything is ALWAYS worse than the reality. I’m so pleased to finally be taking some baby steps in the right direction. Thanks for stopping by with positivity x

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