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Dildocam update

Hi all,

So scan number 2 showed progress & was generally positive. I now have 13 follicles. The largest is 18mm so it’s grown 4mm in 48 hours! The clinic like to get 3 follicles to 17mm & then they trigger so it seems I’ll probably loose the biggest and go with the ones that are close behind.

Despite 13 follicles, they think that only 6 will be mature upon collection, which is disappointing but ok. That is six chances to get pregnant and I’ve never had one chance before!

They want me back for another scan on Sunday morning with a view to triggering that day & having a Tuesday egg collection. It’s all moving so fast! I guess that’s why they call it the short protocol!

I would be so ecstatic at this news if it wasn’t for 3 silly little things that they said/ did. It kind of reads like a list of things that you don’t want to experience when in the middle of an IVF cycle:

1. The first thing that she said when she’d found an ovary was “You know about your cysts, don’t you?” Erm… I DO NOW! She then back tracked and said that they’re not causing a problem, they’re only small and they’re on my left ovary – the one that only had 2 small follies on Wednesday. Well those follicles have grown and more follicles have been “recruited” so it looks like cysty or not it’s not a big issue & we are go!

2. My doc had originally said that they wanted to scan me and do a blood test on day 5 so I booked in for the scan & at the end of it I asked the doctor where I go for the bloodtest and she said very confidently that they don’t do bloodtests. She said it so confidently that I didn’t argue. I always argue! I had been up since 5am & was tired and sleepy and just went with it. Today on day 7 as a result of my cysts the doc who scanned me today said that they wanted to do a blood test. The nurse who administered the bloodtest asked if it was my day 5 bloodtest, I had to tell her that no it was actually day 7. Then, I noticed a sign on the back of her door referring to day 5 bloodtests. Why did I just let that first idiot doctor convince me that they “don’t do them”?!

3. The second thing that the doc said after entering my hoo-hah, dropping the cyst bomb & applying far too much pressure to be good for me, was “have you had a history of endometriosis?” WTF?!?! 2 years of appointments with fertility specialists, at least 6 separate ultrasounds done by different people, an HSG & a hysteroscopy & no one has ever mentioned endo, although I have often wondered myself as I have very painful periods. Now the cysts hadn’t dawned on me. Even though my doc had mentioned that he suspected PCOS I’d never really believed him or worried about it apart from a potential to suffer from OHSS. How is now an appropriate time to decide I may have endo?! I assume if this cycle is unsuccessful we’ll schedule a lap – oh joy!!

I must snap out of this negative headspace though as today has been good news. Always one to try to prove people wrong, I am now determined to get more than 6 mature eggs.

I’ve cancelled my Saturday plans and I’m going to chill with a book/DVD & distract my over active brain for the next 48hours. And who knows? I may well end up administering the trigger shot from a toilet at the Paralympics on Sunday evening!! Classy!!!


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Another date with dildocam

Hey ladies,

I’m on the train to my latest scan on day 7 of stims. I had my first scan on day 5. There were 7 follicles: 5 on the right, with the largest measuring 14mm and then 2 small ones on the left. I didn’t get the measurements on any of the others. I was originally told that I was going in for a scan and bloodtest but then when I got there the doc said that they don’t normally do blood tests, which I thought was weird but I went with it. She said that she wanted to see me again in 2 days time and that she expected a lot to happen in 2 days.

They kept my gonal F injection at the same low dosage of 112.5iu & told me to start cetrotide injections, which are nowhere near as fun as Gonal F, although today is my third day on cetrotide and I think I have finally mastered it!

What I hadn’t anticipated was the rush of emotions that I would feel at the scan. As soon as she said we had follicles I was on the verge of happy tears. She showed me the right ovary first and when there were 5 there I nearly burst with happiness. I have been really concerned about OHSS so I was so pleased that I didn’t have too many. I was also worried about not responding as I was on such a low dose of Gonal F but 5 follicles on one ovary felt like a really positive number. Then she switched to the left side and showed me the 2 small follicles and I was immediately disappointed. Obviously 7 is a great number and once I left the room I felt really happy but in there it was such a rollercoaster of emotions that I had not prepared myself for.

This morning I am much more prepared for it and I am excited to see how much growth there has been, if a little nervous! I am hoping that they will start to estimate egg retrieval dates today as the not knowing is killing me!

I’ve got my first acupuncture appt since I started this cycle and I can’t wait to see her, I’ve been seeing her regularly for 16months now and she is so kind and lovely. I know that no matter what they say at the scan, she will make me happy, relaxed and positive by the time I leave the room.

I’ll report back after my scan. Wish me luck! X


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