Dildocam update

Hi all,

So scan number 2 showed progress & was generally positive. I now have 13 follicles. The largest is 18mm so it’s grown 4mm in 48 hours! The clinic like to get 3 follicles to 17mm & then they trigger so it seems I’ll probably loose the biggest and go with the ones that are close behind.

Despite 13 follicles, they think that only 6 will be mature upon collection, which is disappointing but ok. That is six chances to get pregnant and I’ve never had one chance before!

They want me back for another scan on Sunday morning with a view to triggering that day & having a Tuesday egg collection. It’s all moving so fast! I guess that’s why they call it the short protocol!

I would be so ecstatic at this news if it wasn’t for 3 silly little things that they said/ did. It kind of reads like a list of things that you don’t want to experience when in the middle of an IVF cycle:

1. The first thing that she said when she’d found an ovary was “You know about your cysts, don’t you?” Erm… I DO NOW! She then back tracked and said that they’re not causing a problem, they’re only small and they’re on my left ovary – the one that only had 2 small follies on Wednesday. Well those follicles have grown and more follicles have been “recruited” so it looks like cysty or not it’s not a big issue & we are go!

2. My doc had originally said that they wanted to scan me and do a blood test on day 5 so I booked in for the scan & at the end of it I asked the doctor where I go for the bloodtest and she said very confidently that they don’t do bloodtests. She said it so confidently that I didn’t argue. I always argue! I had been up since 5am & was tired and sleepy and just went with it. Today on day 7 as a result of my cysts the doc who scanned me today said that they wanted to do a blood test. The nurse who administered the bloodtest asked if it was my day 5 bloodtest, I had to tell her that no it was actually day 7. Then, I noticed a sign on the back of her door referring to day 5 bloodtests. Why did I just let that first idiot doctor convince me that they “don’t do them”?!

3. The second thing that the doc said after entering my hoo-hah, dropping the cyst bomb & applying far too much pressure to be good for me, was “have you had a history of endometriosis?” WTF?!?! 2 years of appointments with fertility specialists, at least 6 separate ultrasounds done by different people, an HSG & a hysteroscopy & no one has ever mentioned endo, although I have often wondered myself as I have very painful periods. Now the cysts hadn’t dawned on me. Even though my doc had mentioned that he suspected PCOS I’d never really believed him or worried about it apart from a potential to suffer from OHSS. How is now an appropriate time to decide I may have endo?! I assume if this cycle is unsuccessful we’ll schedule a lap – oh joy!!

I must snap out of this negative headspace though as today has been good news. Always one to try to prove people wrong, I am now determined to get more than 6 mature eggs.

I’ve cancelled my Saturday plans and I’m going to chill with a book/DVD & distract my over active brain for the next 48hours. And who knows? I may well end up administering the trigger shot from a toilet at the Paralympics on Sunday evening!! Classy!!!


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4 responses to “Dildocam update

  1. idioticinfertility

    I think that administering your own trigger shot in a Port-o-Potty at the Paralympics makes you into a special kind of IVF badass.
    FWIW… I seem to have some tiny cysts on one ovary, but the doctor isn’t worried. Or he isn’t acting worried. He always seems sort of mildly amused whenever I see him, but I’m trusting that if the cysts were an issue he would say something.

    • Haha yes special, seriously unhygienic badass! I am looking forward and trying not to dwell on what was said other than when she said “it all looks good”, that’s the bit that I’m clinging to! I am freaking exhausted today so I’m having a sofa day and it’s freaking sweet!

  2. Try not to worry too much! If the doctor didn’t seem super concerned I’m sure it’s fine. I hope those eggs keep growing. Who knows, those other follicles might come around. But even if they don’t, 6 mature follicles is a good number! Quality over quantity, as I’ve been told constantly! 😉

    That’s pretty weird that your doc didn’t give you correct info about their own protocol. Maybe she misunderstood you? Hmm…

    On the day of my second scan, it didn’t say anywhere on my calendar nor had I been told that I’d have blood drawn almost every time I have a scan. I got a call from the nurse later after I went in and just had my scan, and was basically scolded. I had to return the next day for just a blood draw. And then the nurse who takes the blood always seems to yell at me for something, how I should sign in as soon as I get there and get blood work done first, how I’m bruising too much and am obviously NOT applying enough pressure, etc. Really?! It’s like, I’ve NEVER done this before, how the hell am I supposed to know all this? It can all be a bit frustrating…

    • Today I am mostly being worry-free, lazy and positive. Mostly! I’m desperate for your fertilisation report. It’s so true what you said after your retrieval, the people on here cheering us along really help. Our friends and family mean well and try their best but they can’t possibly understand like the ladies on here do. I am proud to have been a part of this community x

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