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Say wha?!

Yesterday, spurred on by my list of things to do before IVF, I filled in the mountain of paperwork that I need to take to my appointment on Thursday.

I found a rough timetable in this pile and it turns out that I get my first ultrasound scan on day 9 of my cycle. Whaaaat?!

I am sure that most private cycles come with a lot more monitoring? I am obviously hugely grateful to not have to pay for this cycle but I am afraid that I will end up either massively over-stimulated or barely responding at all. By day 9 I will have been stimming for 8 solid days with no monitoring. Yikes!

I’m adding a couple of new questions to my list of questions including “can I have an earlier scan please?!”.

At least I won’t have to worry about having any time off work until September!!


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Things to do before IVF nĂºmero uno

I am totally stealing this idea from someone else’s blog but I liked it. So, as it’s less than 3 weeks (sh!t!!) until I get started here are some things that I am going to do in order to chill myself out & get mentally prepared:

  • Join a new gym. My current one is scabby and it doesn’t have a pool. The new one is twice as expensive and 3 times nicer – which is more bang for your buck as far as I am concerned.
  • Go to said new gym 3 times a week & swim lots as I can still do that throughout my ivf journey & pregnancy if I should be so lucky.
  • Go for at least one long walk somewhere pretty with DH, take photos & upload at least one pic to here as proof that I did it!
  • Spend a morning at the weekend reading a newspaper. Just reading a newspaper. Not a free newspaper full of sensationalised rubbish, but a good one with quality journalism in it. I will not do this while waiting for the washing machine to finish a cycle, I will simply be reading, no multitasking.
  • Fill in my IVF paperwork BEFORE THE DAY OF THE APPOINTMENT, I am incredibly adept at leaving boring things until the last minute and stressing myself out. Not this time!
  • Go out for dinner with my husband’s new boss who seems lovely and his girlfriend. Because I am nosey and I love making new friends and THEY DON’T HAVE CHILDREN YET. Plus it’s inevitable that this is going to happen soon so it’s better that it happens before I’m an emotional nutjob!
  • Tidy my spare room. Our house flooded last year and we had to put everything into storage and move out while the insurance company fixed it up. My spare room is where boxes that I can’t face unpacking and sorting through go to die. They are piled very high. I am allergic to dust. Every attempt at this so far has involved me giving up within the hour, but I want a nice, calm, tidy house for when this is all happening.
  • Go to Yoga twice a week. There is an amazing yoga studio 2 mins from my office and they do 45minute classes at lunchtime. I bought a 10 class pass 3 months ago; it’s still got 7 classes left on it. Must try harder!
  • Write a list of questions for my IVF appt on Thursday. If there is one thing that NHS IVF docs are great at it’s rushing you and making you feel like you shouldn’t be asking a question. I will write this list and I will stand my ground and get all of my queries answered.
  • Spend a weekend in Rome with my husband eating and drinking and sightseeing and laughing. I fly out on Friday and back the following Monday and I cannot wait.
  • Go to acupuncture and RELAX.
  • Get into the routine of getting up early enough to inject myself before leaving for work.
  • Get into the routine of going to bed early enough to make the above point possible.
  • Get my hair cut. It got really thin and flat when I was on clomid and now it’s starting to thicken out again I need to get it cut regularly to encourage the thickening, especially as it’s probably going to fall out again pretty soon!

Once I say that I’m going to do something I’m pretty good at doing it. You are all witnesses to this list now. I’d better get out of bed now or I’ll never go to bed early enough this evening!

Enjoy your Sundays x

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It’s August, which means I’m starting IVF #1 THIS MONTH


Time is no longer linear. It either draaaaaaaaags or it flies by. And right now it is seriously flying by. Soon I’ll be starting this thing that has been hanging over me ever since we got the male factor diagnosis in July last year. I know that I can do this, but that doesn’t mean that I want to.

What is everyone planning to tell their work about time off for scans etc? I need some inspiration!! I was going to tell my work but then my colleague got pregnant so in my mid year review my boss told me I’m not allowed to get pregnant until she gets back from maternity leave in July next year *awkward*.

How long are you all planning to have off post transfer? How are you handling the waiting? I could do with some tips for relaxation techniques that don’t include wine or chocolate!! Yoga and acupuncture rock my world but I definitely relax better with a 150g bar of green & blacks almond chocolate mmmmmmmmmmm.

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