Getting nervous now!

In less than 12 hours I will most likely have a plan and that plan will most likely be triggering tomorrow night for a retrieval on Tuesday. The nerves are starting to kick in. I am worrying about silly things like where we will park at the hospital as it doesn’t have parking and we normally use public transport. This is the sort of thing that I worry about when I am distracting myself from the thing that I’m actually worried about!

So, I’ve had to step up my distraction techniques and I’ve subscribed to the theory that laughter is the best medicine:


And that is a cow photobombing a horse stuck in a gate.


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2 responses to “Getting nervous now!

  1. idioticinfertility

    Hi, cow! Poor horse.

    Hooray for retrieval! Hoping for the best for you this week.

    • Thanks!! Just went for a walk round the block with the husband to chill me out before bed & we had the “oh my god this might actually work” realisation! How cool but scary is that?! I’m going to hold on to that thought and try to dream happy dreams, not like last night where I dreamt that my teeth were crumbling in my mouth & I kept spitting bits of tooth out. That’s a new one!

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