Yeesh, what next?!

Hi all, this mornings scan was the most painful yet. I am a small lady and I wasn’t really built for child birth. I was barely built for intercourse. Dildocam is always a tad uncomfortable but the man who scanned me this morning felt like he tore me a new one. Then he said “here is your womb, which is backwards, which makes you even more special” eewwww! Creepy!

He proceeded to measure the follies very half-arsedly & lots of mine were showing as over 20mm. When he withdrew his torture implement it had blood on it & not just a little bit. He’s told me that if this cycle isn’t successful I need to go and have another smear test to check for abnormal cells. I’ve had 2 really recently & they’ve never shown up anything before. I’m pretty sure he did that to me. I’m feeling a bit crampy and a bit angry right now but most of all I am tired. I have just got home and got into bed and I am going to nap for an hour or so and hopefully I’ll wake up in a better mood!

I’m triggering tonight at 21:30, so right in the middle of the Paralympics athletics final! Tune in and see if you spot me, I’ll be the girl with the union jack espadrilles & a sharps box!! I’m staying in a hotel after the games & it’s a chain that have really comfy beds so I’m looking forward to that already! Then one day of work tomorrow. I’m going to book Friday onwards off as holiday & then call in sick on Tuesday & Wednesday. If I need a day 2 transfer then I’ll have to call in on Thursday too but I plan to have enough embies to get to day 3. It looks like I’ll only have 6 mature eggs though, which makes day 2 look more likely. I can’t wait to know one way or another.

I’ll keep you updated! X


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8 responses to “Yeesh, what next?!

  1. idioticinfertility

    Son of a gun, he hurt you that bad?! That absolutely sucks. I hope you can avoid him in the future. Or better yet, I hope you don’t need to have one of these scans ever, ever again,

    • Yes, he was saying that I must have a tear in the neck of my womb… Uh huh, you put it there!! I’m absolutely fine and much happier after my 1.5 hour nap. Only one injection to go and then it’s bum fun all the way!

  2. Jeeez! What the hell was he trying to do to you? The wand can be a bit uncomfortable but it sounds like he was way too rough with it. So weird! I hope you feel better after you get some rest. If you’ve had pap smears recently that have come up negative I’m sure you’re fine. Sounds like he just needed to blame it on something other than himself.

    How exciting that you’re triggering tonight! Good luck this week! Can’t wait to hear how everything goes. Be warned, I’ve felt like an uncomfortably bloated, gas-filled mess since retrieval. It’s gotten a bit better but it was terrible the day of, and still hasn’t gone away fully.

    PS- 2 day transfers aren’t so bad. I’m hoping it’ll be enough for me! 🙂

    • My theory is that because of my retroverted, or “backwards”, uterus the neck of my womb faces the opposite way to what they’re expecting. It always hurts as they’re inserting the wand and as soon as its in they always say “did you know that you have a retroverted uterus?” when I said to the doc that I think scans every other day has hurt and irritated me he just said that that would not be it blah, blah, blah. There was some brown blood when I wiped this morning, I’m just hoping that it goes away soon so I can relax!

  3. I’m triggering tonight at 830! I’ll be thinking of you!

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