I’m practically a junkie now

Yesterday was so much fun… After the neck of my womb was seriously abused by the doctor that is! I got home and had a nap for an hour and a half and woke up feeling more positive. We went into London with a bag with my sharps bin, some alcohol wipes, my ovitrelle & 4 ice packs as its meant to be kept refrigerated, a Tupperware box full of actual ice & some more ice packs!!

We then went out for dinner at a BBQ restaurant, and followed it up with some of the best ice cream imaginable!! When we got to the stadium there was airport style security with bag X-rays & metal detectors and signs saying no liquids. The ice in the Tupperware was definitely melting and I was a little bit concerned that i had a needle and liquids but luckily for us they didn’t even look at the screen as our bags went through – we obviously don’t look suspicious!

So I had lots of fun here:


And at the allotted time I had slightly less fun here:


And now today I get to pretend I’m a normal person! I stayed at a hotel in town & had an amazing nights sleep & the alarm didn’t go off until 07:00 – a whole hour later than normal! It was bliss.

Wish me luck for tomorrow – I’m going to need to be very heavily sedated to let those ruffians back in my nooners!


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7 responses to “I’m practically a junkie now

  1. ugh, not the prettiest bathroom either. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. idioticinfertility

    Actually, that’s way nicer than I expected for a major sporting event. 🙂 Knock ’em dead tomorrow!!

    • But you’re still impressed, right?! I’ll try. I may just do my usual trick of trying desperately not to cry while they put me under!! They’re actually “sedating” me rather than putting me under a general anaesthetic, I’m really hoping I don’t know what they’re doing!

      • idioticinfertility

        Definitely impressed.

        Most bloggers say the sedation is so good they don’t know jack from beginning to end. I thnk it’ll be fun… But then my sense of fun is arguably skewed at this point.

      • Haha your sense of fun has definitely been warped but I know what you mean! Bring it on!

    • That toilet was nicer than the others as it was a disabled one… Which I did feel kind of bad about given that I was at the Paralympics!! I was only in there for 5 mins though!!

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