Is that all?!

Just a very quick one to let you know that my retrieval was this morning. I only got 4 eggs & I am disappointed by that. I am a fit, healthy 27 year old woman, I was hoping for something
more like 8, or even 6. But it’s 4. So here’s hoping that some of them fertilise. Cross your fingers for me.

There were eggs, that’s a good thing. They only took eggs from the right ovary as the left one had a chocolate cyst & they didn’t want to spread infection by aspirating the others on that side. So it sounds like I do have endo. That’s not a good thing.

I’m all but giving up on this cycle. It’s been a learning experience & I know I could easily do it again, maybe after Xmas. I really want to go out and drunkenly dance like the carefree person I used to be. Maybe if nothing fertilises that’s what I’ll do.


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15 responses to “Is that all?!

  1. I’m sorry you’re disappointed. And I’m so sorry you’ve now got those other issues to contend with. But there is definitely still hope. I’ve seen people have 4/4, or 3/4 fertilize no problem. The quality of the egg is all that matters. I’m sure you’ll get at least a couple, if not more, good embryos out of this one. I’ve got everything crossed over here! Good luck my friend!

    PS- If we both don’t get pregnant this cycle I’ll drunkenly dance with you from over here in NY! šŸ™‚

    • Haha thanks! Nothing I can do now but watch more breaking bad box set & try not to think about it. I’m calling in sick from work again tomorrow & then depending on what their report says I’ll decide what my cover story is. There is video evidence of how off my face I was on the drugs. That’s a story for tomorrow. It’s a very funny video. My husband is cruel but funny. I feel absolutely fine now. Tomorrow I start progesterone suppositories – yay!

      • My husband also took some less than flattering pictures of me post-retrieval. Those boys…
        Good luck with the progesterone suppositories! Might wanna get the other kind of suppositories ready just in case you need ’em! šŸ˜‰

      • I’ve just woken up and I am laying in bed putting off getting up as once i’m up I need to insert the first one – something that I am not looking forward to.

  2. I hope you get a good fert report

  3. Hi- just found your blog. Love it!

    We only had 3 eggs so I definitely understand your disappointment. Sounds weird but somehow I felt less feminine. Like damn, “I’m not even womanly enough to grow 10 eggs, wtf, I’m a total hag.”

    I watched Game of Thrones while on bed rest šŸ™‚

    • Hello, welcome! But with your 3 eggs some fertilised? This makes me happy. But not too happy! Mustn’t get too happy in case the call today is very bad news. God this is by far the worst day of the cycle so far, the rest has been an absolute walk in the park!

  4. I know I sound totally cliche, and I promise I don’t mean it that way, but it only takes one. You got this.

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