We’re doing a day 5 transfer

Another good news morning!

All three survived, all three are dividing nicely & all three are good quality… So I’m going in at half 9 Sunday morning for a day 5 transfer 🙂 she even said “well done” i’m so proud!!

They only put back one embryo when you’re younger than 35yrs old and it’s your first time & they don’t do a transfer until they can tell which embryo to put back and as they can’t differentiate the three that’s why we’re waiting another 2 days!

I can’t believe how well this is going so far. I’m hoping that this luck can continue. Implantation may be a challenge if my freshly discovered endo is bad. Who knows? It’s anyone’s guess. To celebrate tonight I am going to my friend’s leaving do. He’s always been one of my biggest drinking buddies so it’s going to be a challenge dodging the drinks but I’ll do it. I’ll come home early too, but I’m really looking forward to letting my hair down a bit. Now I’m off to find an outfit that disguises the bloat! X


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7 responses to “We’re doing a day 5 transfer

  1. yipee!!!! We have a 5 day transfer planned too, for Monday. FX for both of us!!!!!

    • Hasn’t it gone by fast?! I’m glad that I get to go to day 5 before I have the responsibility of looking after it inside my womb! I’m convinced that I’ll fall down some stairs or get hit by a bus or something!

      • HAHA! Is it bad that I might have one last glass of wine this weekend? Just one?

      • Not bad at all! The only reason that I didn’t drink tonight was cos I know that in a bar if I have one I’ll have 5! I’m not good at stopping. It was a fun evening & I had a dance even though I was stone cold sober. I saw lots of people that I haven’t seen since I was 30lbs heavier so I got a lot of compliments, which was nice… Although some of those compliments were definitely aimed at my progesterone tits! Only 2 people asked if I was pregnant, which was less than I expected! X

      • man people are idiots, but enjoy the progesterone tits! I guess that’s one positive side effect of either the painful injections or gross suppositories.

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