Why being filmed coming out of egg retrieval is a good thing…

Hi everybody,

Today is a beautiful day in the UK, probably one of the last beautiful days of the year, so we went to the butchers & bought every type of meat imaginable & then went to the shops and bought half a tonne of fruit & veg & salady bits. Later on the in laws will come over for a BBQ.

As there is nothing much to report on the IVF front today I thought I’d tell you all about my egg retrieval in more detail now that I am not too busy whining about only getting 4 eggs!

I remember the doc saying that the sedative would start to take effect any second & the next thing I remember is being wheeled into the recovery area. At this point I thought I was completely with it and normal but Mr Turtle tells it quite differently!

As soon as I looked at him he asked me how many eggs they got. I didn’t know at this point but instead of saying I don’t know yet I said, very confidently, “a million” at this point he realised that I was still quite sedated & smiled at the doctor who smiled back and said to him “she’s been very chatty”. Oh the shame! It’s a good job that I don’t have any secrets!

I wish that was where it ended. Then the doc came to take my blood pressure & I was asking him what it was & telling him that I normally have the resting heart rate of an athlete. Then a nurse offered a patient the other side of the ward a jammy dodger (a type of biscuit that is nice, but not even my favourite) and apparently I shouted across the ward “I want a jammy dodger!!!” in the same way that a 4 year old would.

At this point Mr Turtle knew that I would never believe that I’d done these things so he got his camera phone out. He told me that he was going to film me to which I responded (on film) “I’m a f*cking bad*ss” I then started waffling on about the embryologist. I was pulling a very serious face and I had my eyes shut. I wasn’t opening my mouth properly & I was slurring a bit but the main gist was “it was the same embryologist as at our co-ordination appt, which was good as she seemed confident and competent, which is nice.” haha! I’d be a very boring drug addict!!

Right now I have packed away the fridge food & I have left the rest as I’m really tired after last nights leaving drinks. I’m trying not to do too much round the house as I don’t want to tire myself out but at the same time there is so much that needs doing!

Enjoy your weekends, and send sticky thoughts to my embryo at 9:30am tomorrow (UK time). I’ll report back and let you know how it went then.


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5 responses to “Why being filmed coming out of egg retrieval is a good thing…

  1. ivfmale

    Sticky thoughts on the way!!!

  2. expecting to be expecting

    Haha! I started rambling about starting a charity ghat would encourage women to donate their eggs 3x a year.

    My DH kept asking: why only 3?

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