Transfer day

Hey everybody!

I’m PUPO with TWINS, say hello:


There’s good news and bad news. Of the three embryos, one slowed and never quite made it to blast. The other two kept going. They were excellent quality & couldn’t be differentiated between. Both had not quite made it to fully blastocyst stage as you can see from the pic but they’re both nearly there.

The embryologist said that they were about 12 hours behind where she would expect them to be. They may just be slow developers or they could be about to give up. She didn’t seem overly concerned but she said that the guidelines that recommend only one embryo is transferred no longer apply so she was able to pop them both back.

So now I am taking it easy & trying to be positive… But not too positive! Wish me luck x


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14 responses to “Transfer day

    • Same to you! Good luck for tomorrow. Be prepared for the transfer to take a lot longer than a smear test! It wasn’t painful at all but I was desperate for a wee & it took more like 5 minutes. I thought my bladder was going to explode!

      • one of the things I can’t stand is having to pee really badly. I’d honestly rather get there and have to drink more than have to wait on an “about to explode” bladder. My instructions say “comfortably full” – WTH does that mean anyway?

      • I know that it doesn’t mean drink a litre of water & then wait a 3 hours before peeing. My mum came with me and was making me laugh A LOT & I was seriously concerned that I would pee my pants.

      • I have the tiniest bladder. Before my mock transfer I drink only 20 oz ON THE WAY to the clinic and an hour later I could barely contain myself.

      • I have the world’s tiniest bladder, so I peed before I left my house, then kinda just sipped on water a tiny bit until we got there. Even though I had to pee prettty bad by the time transfer was over, I was so concerned about staying there on the table long enough, that I held it for almost 20 minutes and it really wasn’t that hard. Good luck to both of you! 🙂

      • I was in real pain but I did stay there for at least 20 mins. I still can’t believe that the potential for 2 babies are in my womb right now. It’s mind-blowing!

  1. expecting to be expecting

    Your embies are BEAUTIFUL!

    I am so excited for you. Sounds like transfer went smoothly.

    What are your instructions for bed rest?

    • Thanks so much! In the UK they don’t advise bed rest. They just say to take it easy for a couple of days and then normal activities can resume. I had the transfer on Sunday morning & I have booked Monday-Thursday off work so then I’ll only have to go in for one day & then it’s the weekend.

      • I don’t know if my last comment posted, if it did apologies on the double up.

        My RE wanted strict bed rest for the first 48 hours then taking i very easy for the period up til first beta. Same for the entire 1st trimester, no walks longer than 15 minutes, etc. I don’t think that’s healthy, or realistic. I think your RE has a more sensible approach 🙂

      • That does seem very excessive! I’m on my second day of taking it easy and I’m struggling! My sister came round and cooked me dinner this evening without me asking her to & she’s only 20. People have really surprised me, I guess this is the first time in my life that I’ve ever needed people, which is something to be thankful for all by itself.

      • You know that is so funny you say that, as a childless person I am shocked at how giving people are becoming now that they know we’ll need a little help. I have gotten a couple of bags of stuff already and some of it from people I only know a bit and don’t really have a deep connection to, now of course I see them in a totally new way and I guess they see me in a new light, too?

        It’s really humbling.

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