I get by with a little help from my friends (and family)


I woke up this morning feeling really happy and contented. Yesterday was a really nice day & a really good example of how awesome my family can be.

The husband’s football season was just re-starting and as he’d accompanied me to all of the appts so far & been generally awesome I gave him the OK to play football while I had the transfer. My dad drove me and my mum to the hospital and sat in the car reading books for a good few hours while my mum joined me in the waiting room.

There were 5 ladies in for their transfers that day so 10 of us were called in to a little upstairs waiting rooms: 4 sets of husbands and wives and me and my mum. I was quite aware of the sympathetic, patronising gazes from the other ladies. Yes my husband loves me, yes he cares, but it is the first game of the season and he is their top striker – what’s a gal to do?!

I asked my mum if she thought they thought that we were a lesbian couple. She laughed and said that my little sister (who is 20, my mum is 50!) asked her the same thing the other day when they went out for coffee and cake. For some reason this really tickled me. The more I tried not to giggle, the worse I got. This set my mum off and pretty soon we were both crying with laughter. The 4 smug couples were all sat seriously in silence. At least one of them must have been wishing they’d brought their mum with them!

Next up we go through to the ward and we’re both given gowns. I get changed into my gear no problem but my mum is looking at hers pulling a confused face. Her “gown” appears to be a large, rectangular sheet with a small hole cut in it about 2 thirds of the way down, the hole was about the width of an average-sized neck. Around the edge of the hole was adhesive. We looked at it for a little while wondering if it could really be described as a gown. Then the man in the next cubicle said to his wife that his gown was strangling him. At this point my mum nearly tried shoving her head through the tiny, sticky hole but I stopped her and told her to ask the nurse what to do. The nurse laughed and said that she had given her the wrong thing & came back with a proper gown. We laughed so hard that I very nearly emptied my over-full bladder.

After the transfer my mum, dad and sister came round my house for the day. My husband BBQ’d some seriously good meat while my mum & dad prepared the salad & cleared everything away. I laid in the sun in my bikini all day (cue sunburn – ouch!) and didn’t have to lift a finger. As they were leaving I happened to mention that I was craving scones so my mum went to the shops, bought the ingredients, baked a batch, and drove them back to my house. AMAZING!

This got me thinking about how many people I have leaned on throughout this whole process so far and how valuable they have been. From my husband listening to every silly little worry and falling asleep with his hand on my womb last night, to my parents running around after me all day yesterday, to my friend who has booked Weds off work and is suggesting that we go and get some treatments together to help me relax – this same friend is catholic and has been lighting candles for my embryos – how cute! Last but definitely not least to each and every one of you who has liked or commented on my blog THANK YOU, I have walked every step of this journey with you so far and I hope that 9 months from now we are all mothers.

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