Daily Archives: September 11, 2012

2dp5dt – the start of the crazies

Yesterday’s sense of calm and serenity has upped and left.

Yesterday afternoon I felt some twinges in my lower abdomen. I think this is what set me off. Then my sister turned up to cook me dinner unannounced. Then my friend text me saying that she’s booked us into a spa for facials and pedicures tomorrow and it’s her treat. I welled up! People are being so incredibly nice. I really hope that I get a BFP so that I don’t need to test the limits of their helpfulness and kindness in a week or so!

I’m up and dressed and ready to face the day. Two days of laying around is enough to drive anyone mad. Plus it’s making my back ache… Or is that the babies? This is ridiculous. The embryos were 12hours behind so I really shouldn’t get excited. There is a little irritating part of me that keeps thinking that maybe they’re thriving now that they’re bak where they should be. Gah!!! My OTD is ages away.


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