Brown blood and a BFN – 5dp5dt

Last night, for the first time, instead of these weird twinges, I felt like I was coming on. It was a proper AF like cramps. It only lasted a few seconds but then I was scared all night. I woke up this morning to lots of brown spotting. There really was quite a lot.

I decided to do an hpt as you never know, it might have cheered me up! It didn’t. Not even a whiff of a line.

Cue lots of tears and dramatics. Husband has gone into work a broken man and I went off to my acupuncture session & text my sister on the way to tell her. The acupuncturist isn’t even remotely concerned & she calmed me right down. When I turned my phone back on my sister had text me an essay on why brown blood is ok & she sent me millions of links to people who had brown blood before a BFP.

Tonight we’re out with friends celebrating the hubster’s birthday. I feel really guilty that he will have a rubbish birthday do now. The blood has stopped for now so fingers crossed it will stay away.

I’m now on my way into work for the first time in ages! Hoping it will be the distraction that I need.

I never thought this was going to be easy, but wow.


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6 responses to “Brown blood and a BFN – 5dp5dt

  1. Tell me about it. I had bright slightly watered down red blood last night, more than I had blogged about earlier. I am not feeling too confident today. Brown wouldn’t scare me, but this color has me terrified.
    I think 10DPO would have been too early for me to get a positive, I’m sure of it. Wait til 12.
    Good luck! I hope you manage to stay calm today. I’ll try to do the same. 🙂

  2. 10dpo is still early (I say as I was tempted to test this morning at 9dpo), and as far as I know brown is ok. I totally get why it is so discouraging, but don’t give up hope yet.

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