What a difference a day makes…

…24 little hours.

Thank you. All of you. You know who you are. Give yourself a big hug for being lovely.

My blog post yesterday was a cathartic experience. I woke up this morning to a barrage of support from this incredible community. From current newly preggos who didn’t shy away from my pain to those who are right there in it with me. I thank you all, you are all fabulous.

Today was month end at work so I was super busy, which was what I needed. My mobile phone rang and it was a witheld number so I very nearly ignored it but then I had a weird feeling that it would be the hospital so I answered. This is funny given that the email I received that acknowledged my negative result said to wait for up to 4 weeks for a letter so I wasn’t expecting a call from them at all. Anyway, it turns out that the lady was about to schedule a review appointment for me and they have a cancellation for 09:15 tomorrow! Can I make it? Hell yeah I can!

I then got home from work and, although DH has football on Mondays, I did not run a bath and take a book with me as I have the past few Mondays. No sir, I text my cousin and asked if he fancied going for a run. I thought that I would let fate decide whether I exercise & fate decided that I should. We ran 4.52 kilometres in 24:43mins, which is only 1 second per kilometre slower than my fastest time ever. It felt good. Now I’m going to run a bath & take a book with me knowing that I AM MAKING PROGRESS and it feels GOOD.

Wish me luck!

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