WTF appointment

Good evening! I thought I would pop in to let you know how my WTF appointment went.

I was desperate for this appointment as I needed closure on my first cycle but we had very low expectations in terms of getting any answers or it being particularly useful. We were seen by the lady doctor that did my first IVF scan & not my actual consultant thankfully as he is always in a rush and has absolutely no interest in answering my questions so I was really hoping it wouldn’t be with him.

She took it really slowly and explained, as if explaining to a small child, what went well/ not so well at every stage of
our cycle. She is pleased that I didn’t over respond and so would happily up my dose quite a bit and change my protocol if necessary in order to collect more eggs. She isn’t convinced that my cyst was a chocolate cyst, she thinks it may have been haemorragic, which is a type of cyst that disappears, whereas a chocolate cyst is persistent. In order to check before simply doing a laparoscopy she’s ordered another scan on day 2-8 of my next cycle. So I may not have endometriosis after all, who knows?

My husband’s SA results from the day of egg collection were the highlight of the trip. The highest count previously was 4million, with 0% rapid progressive swimmers. This time there were 36.7million, 19% of which were rapid progressive! Yay for not drinking or having a bath for a year and taking so many vitamins that he rattles! This is a huge breakthrough as he could actually get me pregnant naturally one day if he keeps this up. Stranger things have happened. The doc did say that she would like to see how he gets on in a swim up test so she has ordered another SA for him at her hospital that he will do when I have my scan.

We then plan on regrouping on 14th November to make an action plan. I am slightly afraid that said action plan will involve clomid and OPKs as I still have 3 months worth on my bedside table – clomid messed me up way more than IVF did!!

I am very lucky that my IVF is covered in the UK by my local NHS trust and I am fortunate enough that my trust will cover 3 cycles for me, not just 1 or 2 like most other parts of the UK. The downside is that they will only cover one cycle every 6 months so I can’t start again until Feb next year. The next few months are time to get my head straight and lose some more weight. Although, they weigh you at every appointment at the hospital and the nurse was laughing as I’ve managed to lose 2lbs since the start of my cycle, which is unheard of!

So for the next 5 and a bit weeks my aim is to eat healthy, exercise, and
maybe even tidy my home. Rock on!!


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4 responses to “WTF appointment

  1. Holy crap! I am floored by how much your hubby’s SA improved. That’s nuts! Hopefully you’ll naturally conceive a little miracle babe on your own in the next few months! πŸ™‚
    Glad to hear you’re in better sprits! And good luck with getting your health on track, I should really try to do that too!

    • Me too! He had wanted a new TV for ages so we went and bought a celebratory TV at the weekend as a well done to him!! I am on CD21 and bleeding through pantliners so I’m not holding out much hope for the whole natural conception thing 😦 why is my body so foooooked

      • Haha enjoy, he deserves it! Dude I hear ya, I’m bleeding DURING pregnancy. I guess after all these years of spotting and irregularity, I shouldn’t really be surprised.
        Although it has stopped for now, my doc told me not to be surprised if I see more. Ay ay ay.

      • You give me hope! DH is really concerned about my spotting & thinks that they need to fix me before we cycle again. You give me hope that maybe we’ll get lucky next time x

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