Never f**k with a premenstrual infertile

So it turns out that period number 2 following IVF fail number 1 is going to be almost as bad as the last one. Excellent. I have been the moodiest most horrible person to be around today, apart from when I’ve been lovely. It’s like i’ve got multiple personality syndrome.

This morning I dropped the hubs at the station & then drove to my friends street & tried to get parked. Parking there is always a nightmare as its right next to the station & the station carpark is like £5 a day so everyone parks in her street. We’d said that we would go for a morning run & I knew that we wouldn’t go far so I pulled in on the corner where you’re not really supposed to park & made sure that I was tucked right in so that it was safe & then I got out of the car.

A lady was walking her dog the other side of the road and she shouted over at me “you know it’s illegal to park on a corner”. I sighed & thought to myself “why now, I just need to go for a run with my friend, I can’t get parked and now this evil woman is trying to ruin it for me”. I said “I’m only going for a quick run and there is nowhere to park”. She said “well, it’s up to you if you want to break the law” in a very judgmental voice, which REALLY pissed off my inner hormonal wench. I did something I am slightly ashamed of, I said “you’re a nosey old b*tch”, got back in my car and was about to drive off but then I thought to myself “I shouldn’t have swore at her as now she has the moral high ground and will be thinking to herself what a rude girl I am and how I’m incapable of parking” so I drove after her, wound down the window and apologised for swearing.

I explained that I don’t make a habit of swearing at strangers, it’s just that I’ve been signed off work due to a very early miscarriage of twins (I still feel like a fraud saying this but it’s what the therapist says to call it as I have photos of two living embryos that were placed inside my uterus and at that point I became pregnant) and I’m very hormonal and stressed. Then I cried. In front of her.

Hopefully she’ll keep her mouth shut in the future as you never know whose day you are crapping on & that person might just be batshit crazy!!


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2 responses to “Never f**k with a premenstrual infertile

  1. Oh man, I can relate.

    I just returned to work after miscarrying our twins and from last Thursday onwards I was having panic attack after panic attack, eating like it might be my last meal and having imaginary conversations/arguments in my head with anyone who dared to say anything insensitive to me — because I was so nervous.

    This process makes you crazy and even crazier if you already were a little crazy to begin with 😦

    Don’t feel bad.

    Also not to be all nit picky but who the hell cares- yes- you “broke” a parking rule- no- you didn’t kill someone! I hate when busy bodies blow small things out of proportion.

  2. Don’t feel bad. It was really big of you to apologize, and I don’t blame you for feeling that way. Maybe after talking to you, she’ll think twice about being such a crabapple over a nitpicky thing.

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