Progress, at last!

Man have I been busy so far this year! It’s been year end at work so I worked two 15 hour days back to back & then worked from home on the Friday to chill out & recover. I’m not as resilient as I used to be & get worn out more quickly. Also, I was working at such a frantic pace for those 2 days that I only took a ten minute break each day to eat my lunch, which meant that my head was buzzing when I got home & it took forever to switch off enough to get a couple hours of sleep before starting again.

Year end is now done & the auditors won’t be here until the end of the month so I am using that window of opportunity to get my cyst removed. Yay! The pain around AF has been indescribable ever since the failed IVF cycle. I went into detail here and I have deliberately not harped on about it since, for fear of boring you all to tears, but every month I have experienced this pain that leaves me completely useless, writhing around in agony. It’s an 11 on the pain scale.

So, even though this will involve laparostic surgery (in through the belly button – eeeew!) under general anaesthetic, I am happy about it. Very happy. If I can just go back to mild disappointment every time AF comes along that would be great, as it is currently serving as a very powerful monthly reminder of how much I suck at making a baby!

At my WTF appointment the IVF consultant told me that endometriosis will be bypassed by the IVF so, even though the cyst meant that they couldn’t harvest any eggs from my left side, she didn’t want me to have a laparoscopy as she thought that they might take some healthy ovarian tissue with it. I made her refer me anyway & when I saw the consultant who will be doing the surgery he agreed with me & said that most IVF centres want the cysts gone before treatment. I am so glad that I fought to see him. I am just disappointed that I had to sob uncontrollably at the IVF doctor whilst telling her that I am tempted to just get a hysterectomy to avoid the pain before she would back down and refer me.

It’s scheduled for a week on Monday so that should mean that by my next AF I will be cyst-free, which is a very exciting prospect. I do not expect to be pain free, as I never have been, but I expect to be able to control the pain with painkillers again.

My resolution for 2013 is to really look after myself in a holistic manner. I will go back to see my acupuncturist & the crazy kinesiologist. I am also attempting the endo diet, to keep further cysts at bay. It is hardcore so I think my plan is to stick to it 80-90% of the time. Tomorrow I am going to go for a long run & I am really looking forward to that.

I am thinking of delaying cycle number 2 in order to get myself to a better place. Hopefully only by a few months, but I think that they could be very worthwhile months. I am considering seeing a doctor in NYC that believes that infertility is caused by bacterial infection which can be treated with antibiotic therapy. I want to be tested for that before putting my body through another cycle, as it is in a pretty bad place right now!

I plan to lose 18lbs before the next cycle – somebody pass me some grilled vegetables!! X


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3 responses to “Progress, at last!

  1. K

    Hi there! Not sure what “endo diet” you are trying, but you should check out this book: Endometriosis: A Key to Healing Through Nutrition [Paperback]. It helped me a lot. I have tried to remain gluten free since last January and I also try to limit my dairy intake. I have stage iv endo, and four months after surgery my cysts were back. Ask your dr about how to prevent that since you are planning to wait until your 2nd cycle. BCP or something like the depo shot are great for suppressing endo. With my diet and bcp/depo I was able to get my body to absorb two of the cysts. 🙂 It is possible! Lots of good energy your way for the surgery.

    • I have that book! Yep, I am cutting out gluten, booze, red meat, dairy, sugar and caffeine. It would be a nightmare but my parents bought me a soup maker so I can eat a lot of vegetable soups with nothing bad in them (apart from a teeny, tiny knob of butter!). I won’t stick to it 100%, but definitely 90% of the time, which makes life a lot easier/ less painful. I don’t want to go back on any kind of hormone ever again if I can help it as the IVF #1 caused the cyst so I need to explore a couple of other avenues this year and I’m hoping that the endo diet will allow me to do that. Fingers crossed, if not I’ll have to do another cycle, risking the same thing happening again. It’s all rather tiring! X

  2. idioticinfertility

    You folks have greater will power than I do. My acupuncturist said to back off of gluten, caffeine, sugar, and dairy. The best I can do is avoid caffeine, almost all sugar, and low-fat dairy. I fall down at least once daily on the gluten thing – BUT, I’m taking in less than I used to, so hey. That’s something.

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