Just keep swimming

Hello everyone,

I hope that any Americans reading this are managing to dodge Mother’s Day.

I’m on day 10 of Buserelin injections and I’m getting fidgety. Last cycle, I did the short protocol. Rather unsurprisingly, it was short. This time I’m doing the long protocol. It’s looooong.

Last time, by now I had had 2 scans & was on the home stretch. This time, my first scan is not for another 9 days. It’s getting boring. You’d think I’d be good at waiting by now but I’m not.

My life has been on hold for 3.5 years and it’s getting tiresome, I want to move on to the next phase of my life… Or at very least the next phase of my treatment. So for now I am focussing on keeping my head above water and not letting myself be overwhelmed, which can be hard when it’s just.so.overwhelming.

On a positive note, menopausal May has not been noticeably menopausal yet. The only real side effect so far is that my boobs are ready to Incredible Hulk their way out of my skin. Hubs is happy.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekends and don’t work too hard next week, I know that I don’t intend to.


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3 responses to “Just keep swimming

  1. So whats the difference between the short and long protocol, besides the obvious? Do you give yourself less over a longer period of time? What’s the theory on trying it this way? (Just curious, and you probably mentioned why before but I don’t remember).
    Fingers crossed friend!!!

    • The short protocol doesn’t have any down-regging stage so one day 2 of your cycle you start a low dose stim. Start to OTD is 4 weeks. The long protocol has 2.5-3 weeks of down-regging at the start to shut down your natural cycle before stinming with a much higher dose. They put me on short protocol last time because I have slight PCOS so they didn’t want to overstimulate me but I didn’t get many eggs (3 mature) so this time they’re hoping for 10 eggs. As am I!!

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