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We’re doing a day 5 transfer

Another good news morning!

All three survived, all three are dividing nicely & all three are good quality… So I’m going in at half 9 Sunday morning for a day 5 transfer 🙂 she even said “well done” i’m so proud!!

They only put back one embryo when you’re younger than 35yrs old and it’s your first time & they don’t do a transfer until they can tell which embryo to put back and as they can’t differentiate the three that’s why we’re waiting another 2 days!

I can’t believe how well this is going so far. I’m hoping that this luck can continue. Implantation may be a challenge if my freshly discovered endo is bad. Who knows? It’s anyone’s guess. To celebrate tonight I am going to my friend’s leaving do. He’s always been one of my biggest drinking buddies so it’s going to be a challenge dodging the drinks but I’ll do it. I’ll come home early too, but I’m really looking forward to letting my hair down a bit. Now I’m off to find an outfit that disguises the bloat! X



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Goooooooood morning!

Since the trigger shot on Sunday I have had night after night of blissful, uninterrupted, deep, no-dream sleep. I didn’t realise just how long I had gone without it.

I feel like I am slowly starting to resemble the lady that my husband married. I feel reaaaaaally happy. I don’t want this feeling to end.

Grow embies, grow. Stick embies, stick. Mummy loves you already!


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Fertilisation report

Good morning everybody,

It’s good news! First of all, they called me at 08:52 am on day one after retrieval. How good is that?! I feel absolutely fine post retrieval so far, which is a relief.

Of the 4 eggs that they retrieved, 3 were mature. This was a real WTF moment as I thought they had said yesterday that they retrieved 4 mature eggs, in a way that suggested that perhaps they had retrieved 15 eggs but 4 were mature. But no, retrieved = 4, mature = 3.


Wahooooo! I was convinced that there would be nothing to put back but as it stands they have said that they will call me on Friday morning & let me know whether they will put them back that day (day 3) or if we will wait until Sunday (day 5).

This has all worked out perfectly as I’ve booked Friday onwards as holiday & I can go back to work tomorrow after having just 2 days off sick. I have even said that I will work from home today although I doubt I’ll get much done!

I feel like my normal self today. I had a great nights sleep last night & I’m in a good mood. I did insert the first of my cyclogest tablets this morning though so i guess we’ll see how long that lasts. I’m wearing granny pants and a sanitary towel round the back in anticipation! I wonder if my finger will ever feel clean again after 2 solid weeks of this!!


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Is that all?!

Just a very quick one to let you know that my retrieval was this morning. I only got 4 eggs & I am disappointed by that. I am a fit, healthy 27 year old woman, I was hoping for something
more like 8, or even 6. But it’s 4. So here’s hoping that some of them fertilise. Cross your fingers for me.

There were eggs, that’s a good thing. They only took eggs from the right ovary as the left one had a chocolate cyst & they didn’t want to spread infection by aspirating the others on that side. So it sounds like I do have endo. That’s not a good thing.

I’m all but giving up on this cycle. It’s been a learning experience & I know I could easily do it again, maybe after Xmas. I really want to go out and drunkenly dance like the carefree person I used to be. Maybe if nothing fertilises that’s what I’ll do.


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I’m practically a junkie now

Yesterday was so much fun… After the neck of my womb was seriously abused by the doctor that is! I got home and had a nap for an hour and a half and woke up feeling more positive. We went into London with a bag with my sharps bin, some alcohol wipes, my ovitrelle & 4 ice packs as its meant to be kept refrigerated, a Tupperware box full of actual ice & some more ice packs!!

We then went out for dinner at a BBQ restaurant, and followed it up with some of the best ice cream imaginable!! When we got to the stadium there was airport style security with bag X-rays & metal detectors and signs saying no liquids. The ice in the Tupperware was definitely melting and I was a little bit concerned that i had a needle and liquids but luckily for us they didn’t even look at the screen as our bags went through – we obviously don’t look suspicious!

So I had lots of fun here:


And at the allotted time I had slightly less fun here:


And now today I get to pretend I’m a normal person! I stayed at a hotel in town & had an amazing nights sleep & the alarm didn’t go off until 07:00 – a whole hour later than normal! It was bliss.

Wish me luck for tomorrow – I’m going to need to be very heavily sedated to let those ruffians back in my nooners!


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Yeesh, what next?!

Hi all, this mornings scan was the most painful yet. I am a small lady and I wasn’t really built for child birth. I was barely built for intercourse. Dildocam is always a tad uncomfortable but the man who scanned me this morning felt like he tore me a new one. Then he said “here is your womb, which is backwards, which makes you even more special” eewwww! Creepy!

He proceeded to measure the follies very half-arsedly & lots of mine were showing as over 20mm. When he withdrew his torture implement it had blood on it & not just a little bit. He’s told me that if this cycle isn’t successful I need to go and have another smear test to check for abnormal cells. I’ve had 2 really recently & they’ve never shown up anything before. I’m pretty sure he did that to me. I’m feeling a bit crampy and a bit angry right now but most of all I am tired. I have just got home and got into bed and I am going to nap for an hour or so and hopefully I’ll wake up in a better mood!

I’m triggering tonight at 21:30, so right in the middle of the Paralympics athletics final! Tune in and see if you spot me, I’ll be the girl with the union jack espadrilles & a sharps box!! I’m staying in a hotel after the games & it’s a chain that have really comfy beds so I’m looking forward to that already! Then one day of work tomorrow. I’m going to book Friday onwards off as holiday & then call in sick on Tuesday & Wednesday. If I need a day 2 transfer then I’ll have to call in on Thursday too but I plan to have enough embies to get to day 3. It looks like I’ll only have 6 mature eggs though, which makes day 2 look more likely. I can’t wait to know one way or another.

I’ll keep you updated! X


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Getting nervous now!

In less than 12 hours I will most likely have a plan and that plan will most likely be triggering tomorrow night for a retrieval on Tuesday. The nerves are starting to kick in. I am worrying about silly things like where we will park at the hospital as it doesn’t have parking and we normally use public transport. This is the sort of thing that I worry about when I am distracting myself from the thing that I’m actually worried about!

So, I’ve had to step up my distraction techniques and I’ve subscribed to the theory that laughter is the best medicine:


And that is a cow photobombing a horse stuck in a gate.


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