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Fighting the urge to test – 4dp5dt

Today is the last of my days off work. I scheduled an acupuncture appt for 9:30 tomorrow morning though so I’ll be about 4 hours late to work on my first day back. I like to ease myself back in! One day I’m going to blog about how to ruin your career in 10 easy steps.

Although at times it’s been difficult to relax, I have enjoyed the time off work. I’ve tried to stay away from google and apart from one day I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding it. I’ve spent a fair bit of time reflecting on life in general and on the whole I feel pretty calm.

I have loved reading StupidStork‘s post about her husband and her marriage and the various posts inspired by that so I decided to do my own:

My husband

My husband is ambitious. Not in the desperate, back-stabbing, corporate sense, but as in he has goals and he works really hard to achieve them. This is undoubtedly the most attractive thing about him. He didn’t work hard at school despite being immensely intelligent and ended up working as a car mechanic for 5 years. He did this as he was passionate about cars and Motorsport and it was good fun. One day he decided that he was done with that and it was time to try a different career. He did some research and hit the books in his evenings and weekends. Right now he works as a Database Developer in an office. My dad once said that my husband reminds him of the Rudyard Kipling poem “If” – google it.

My family love him, and he loves them. We split up once when I was 17. My mum asked if he could still come round their house. He has the same sense of humour as my mum and they find each other hilarious.

He is arrogant and self-assured in a sexy way. I work in finance and am often surrounded by funny, good-looking, wealthy, eligible young men. Not so much in my current job though I must add!! These guys have on occasion graduated from acquaintances to real friends of mine. Not only does this not bother him in the slightest, soon after meeting him they tend to like him more than they like me! I went to drinks last week with a bunch of guys that I used to work with. I was asked by three different people where he was. They were all clearly disappointed that my better half wasn’t making an appearance.

He, much like road2ourbaby‘s husband, is addicted to milk. I have never seen anyone else drink so much of the stuff. He gets really cranky when we run out of it, like I do with chocolate.

On our first honeymoon I read 2 Dan Brown books & some magazines, he read a massive IT manual because he “doesn’t do fiction”. On our second honeymoon I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and 4 magazines. He didn’t finish the one car magazine that he took. It was mainly pictures.

Our marriage

I really did marry my best friend. He always knows what I’m thinking and feeling, often before I do. I can be upset about something all day long and not show an ounce of emotion about it, then I’ll get home, he’ll take one look at me and say “whassup cutie?” and within seconds I’ll have snot bubbles.

We’re supportive of each other. When my GP told me that I may have PCOS & I should eat low GI foods he did it too and we lost 60lbs between us. When he got the severe male factor diagnosis I made it very clear that I was going nowhere and he was the love of my life. The first couple of nights after receiving the diagnosis I would wake up with him wrapped around me as if he thought I might leave. This broke my heart a little bit.

We regularly text each other the word BUM, which is shorthand for “god I wish I was in bed spooning your butt right now”. We set the alarm early enough that we can lay in bed snuggled up for half an hour every morning. Normally I’ll snuggle up behind him while he’s still half asleep. Then he’ll mumble “bum” and I know that it means he’s going to turn around and I should too so he can snuggle me.

We’ll be good parents. Our kids will be well educated, well loved, well looked after but most importantly their lives will be filled with so much fun and silliness that they will not go a day without laughing. Infertility has been a struggle but even at the lowest lows that man has always known how to raise a smile out of me. I don’t doubt for a second that he’ll be the same with our children. Right now I am feeling incredibly thankful.

Happy Thursday everybody!


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