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IVF 2, Phase 3: Go!

Hello ladies,

I’ve been busy IVF’ing it up and generally feeling blue. The stim stage seemed to go pretty quickly this time because the DR stage took forever! They finally scanned me on day 19 of Buserelin & gave me the all clear to start stims on day 21.

Stimming went well, I was on double the dose from last time & I responded well. At my final scan I had 23 follicles. Unfortunately 15 of these were on the left side & the front runners were behind the endometrioma & therefore would not be accessible. They didn’t give any indication of expected numbers of eggs to collect but I was hoping for 15 and I got 12, so that was ok.

This morning I got the fertilisation report and of the 12, 8 were mature and 6 of those fertilised. somehow I’ve gone from 23 follicles to 6 embryos in a matter of days. Last time I had 3 embryos so on double the dosage I should expect double the embryos but I feel like they got my hopes up and now despite the good news I’m feeling somewhat deflated.

The weather is beautiful here for once so my sister and I spent the day in the sunshine chilling and having a nice time generally. I had been feeling fine but then this afternoon I got a bit crampy and spotted a lot & now I just want to go and hibernate for the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I go back to work and that may or may not be a good thing. I’m hoping for a day 5 transfer as that would be on Saturday and then I have the whole of next week booked off, but could be looking at a transfer on Thursday, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The timing of this cycle has been a bit crappy in that my due date from the first cycle would have been around now had it been successful. I may have avoided that if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m still keenly following the stories of my original cycle buddies and the birth stories are starting to roll in. I guess that could be me a few months down the line but right now I’m feeling too blah to believe that it could be.

I remember now that this is the worst bit. My mind is in total overdrive and I can’t shut it up.

Right now I have six little tiny potential babies in a lab in London and I’d really like the opportunity to become a parent to at least one of them. I don’t have the mental capacity to focus on much else. Wish me luck as I try to distract myself between now and Thursday’s progress report/ potential day 3 transfer.

Shit just got real. Again.


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Why being filmed coming out of egg retrieval is a good thing…

Hi everybody,

Today is a beautiful day in the UK, probably one of the last beautiful days of the year, so we went to the butchers & bought every type of meat imaginable & then went to the shops and bought half a tonne of fruit & veg & salady bits. Later on the in laws will come over for a BBQ.

As there is nothing much to report on the IVF front today I thought I’d tell you all about my egg retrieval in more detail now that I am not too busy whining about only getting 4 eggs!

I remember the doc saying that the sedative would start to take effect any second & the next thing I remember is being wheeled into the recovery area. At this point I thought I was completely with it and normal but Mr Turtle tells it quite differently!

As soon as I looked at him he asked me how many eggs they got. I didn’t know at this point but instead of saying I don’t know yet I said, very confidently, “a million” at this point he realised that I was still quite sedated & smiled at the doctor who smiled back and said to him “she’s been very chatty”. Oh the shame! It’s a good job that I don’t have any secrets!

I wish that was where it ended. Then the doc came to take my blood pressure & I was asking him what it was & telling him that I normally have the resting heart rate of an athlete. Then a nurse offered a patient the other side of the ward a jammy dodger (a type of biscuit that is nice, but not even my favourite) and apparently I shouted across the ward “I want a jammy dodger!!!” in the same way that a 4 year old would.

At this point Mr Turtle knew that I would never believe that I’d done these things so he got his camera phone out. He told me that he was going to film me to which I responded (on film) “I’m a f*cking bad*ss” I then started waffling on about the embryologist. I was pulling a very serious face and I had my eyes shut. I wasn’t opening my mouth properly & I was slurring a bit but the main gist was “it was the same embryologist as at our co-ordination appt, which was good as she seemed confident and competent, which is nice.” haha! I’d be a very boring drug addict!!

Right now I have packed away the fridge food & I have left the rest as I’m really tired after last nights leaving drinks. I’m trying not to do too much round the house as I don’t want to tire myself out but at the same time there is so much that needs doing!

Enjoy your weekends, and send sticky thoughts to my embryo at 9:30am tomorrow (UK time). I’ll report back and let you know how it went then.


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