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Sometimes laughing helps

Hey everybody,

DH and I went out for dinner last night and somehow we got to talking about all of the funny things that have happened along this crazy TTC journey.

We decided after muchos hilarity that our favourite TTC moment was when I tried softcups. I went to sleep with one in and got up in the morning & tried to remove it and I couldn’t get enough purchase to get the thing out! I tried and tried and got really panicked and a bit sore. I ran into the bedroom and woke him up and was a bit teary asking him to remove it. He was horrified and went on YouTube & searched “removing softcups” & told me I needed to “bare down” like I was doing a poo. I did this and then could take it out really easily. Then we both fell about giggling for ages and I was late for work. Smoooooth.

Anyone else got any delightful TTC stories that you can look back and laugh at? I have tonnes. One day I will tell you about the world’s most horrifying smear test.


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