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I am a badass infertile ninja warrior

This morning I injected myself with 112.5IU of Gonal F. It was a piece of cake. I went back to bed and slept for another 2.5 hours and then got up and went swimming LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. This is a piece of cake. I can totally do this. And if this cycle is unsuccessful I know that I will do another cycle armed with the lessons learned in this cycle whatever they may be. If I keep saying that it is a piece of came maybe someone will bring me some cake. I am craving cake. I promised my husband I would cut out the junk food while cycling. Today is day one of my junk food ban and I always find the first day the hardest.

The biggest lesson that Infertility has taught me in the nearly 3 years of struggling with it is that the anticipation of everything is worse than the reality. I was shaking like a leaf this morning but as soon as the needle was in my numb, iced skin I knew that I could totally do this. And I have all of this long weekend to get used to it before I need to throw getting ready for work into the mix.


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