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Red blood and a BFN – 6dp5dt

Hello you lovely lot,

Today I see red. Red blood. Not enough to be AF yet, that will be the next couple of days.

Wow. What do you do when the ‘last resort’ fails to work first time? How do you scrape yourself up off the floor & keep going? Well, to be honest , right now I feel OK.

Things to take away from this first cycle:

I had NO side effects from the drugs. NONE.

The injections were a piece of cake. Even the cetrotide that I had to mix myself was easy peasy.

My low dosage produced the expected amount of eggs for mild IVF (2-8). This surely means that when we do it again, my dosage would remain the same. So hopefully no side effects next time either.

We learned that I have endometriosis. Before cycling again I should be able to have this removed by laparostic surgery. Whilst that is not something that I look forward to, it will be nice to be able to harvest eggs from both sides in the future!

Of the 3 mature eggs that they ICSI’d, ALL 3 FERTILISED. This is an incredible statistic. One that made me more happy than anything else.

Sedation for egg retrieval is amazing and next time we know to catch everything that I say on film for the next hour or so afterwards because my subconscious ramblings are HILARIOUS.

Our embryos were excellent quality.

By day 5, our embryos were 12 hours behind expectations. This is probably a useful piece of information. I look forward to discussing it with a doctor at a WTF meeting. I will try to refrain from googling!

I am 27. In 3 months I will turn 28. I probably won’t cycle again this year. I’d like to spend the rest of the year exercising, getting my head around this first failure & sorting out my endo and then start the new year in a better head space than this year.


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