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Is that all?!

Just a very quick one to let you know that my retrieval was this morning. I only got 4 eggs & I am disappointed by that. I am a fit, healthy 27 year old woman, I was hoping for something
more like 8, or even 6. But it’s 4. So here’s hoping that some of them fertilise. Cross your fingers for me.

There were eggs, that’s a good thing. They only took eggs from the right ovary as the left one had a chocolate cyst & they didn’t want to spread infection by aspirating the others on that side. So it sounds like I do have endo. That’s not a good thing.

I’m all but giving up on this cycle. It’s been a learning experience & I know I could easily do it again, maybe after Xmas. I really want to go out and drunkenly dance like the carefree person I used to be. Maybe if nothing fertilises that’s what I’ll do.


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