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Yeesh, what next?!

Hi all, this mornings scan was the most painful yet. I am a small lady and I wasn’t really built for child birth. I was barely built for intercourse. Dildocam is always a tad uncomfortable but the man who scanned me this morning felt like he tore me a new one. Then he said “here is your womb, which is backwards, which makes you even more special” eewwww! Creepy!

He proceeded to measure the follies very half-arsedly & lots of mine were showing as over 20mm. When he withdrew his torture implement it had blood on it & not just a little bit. He’s told me that if this cycle isn’t successful I need to go and have another smear test to check for abnormal cells. I’ve had 2 really recently & they’ve never shown up anything before. I’m pretty sure he did that to me. I’m feeling a bit crampy and a bit angry right now but most of all I am tired. I have just got home and got into bed and I am going to nap for an hour or so and hopefully I’ll wake up in a better mood!

I’m triggering tonight at 21:30, so right in the middle of the Paralympics athletics final! Tune in and see if you spot me, I’ll be the girl with the union jack espadrilles & a sharps box!! I’m staying in a hotel after the games & it’s a chain that have really comfy beds so I’m looking forward to that already! Then one day of work tomorrow. I’m going to book Friday onwards off as holiday & then call in sick on Tuesday & Wednesday. If I need a day 2 transfer then I’ll have to call in on Thursday too but I plan to have enough embies to get to day 3. It looks like I’ll only have 6 mature eggs though, which makes day 2 look more likely. I can’t wait to know one way or another.

I’ll keep you updated! X


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