The long story

I was a totally normal person until I turned 25 (my husband may disagree, but bare with me)…

I met my husband at a party at my friend’s house when we were 15. We went to the same school and were in the same group of friends. Fast forward 9 years and I married my best friend at a super awesome party with a hog roast and a live band. Life was good. In reality, it still is good, but I am far more pyschotic than I used to be and am starting to wonder if I will ever truely go back to “normal”, or if that carefree part of me is lost and I must just learn to cope as this newer, slightly more resilient, slightly less sparkley version of the old me.

As a 25 year old I became overwhelmed by a sudden rush of broodiness and, as I had been on the pill for many years, I decided it was time to ditch the birth control and we switched to the calendar method of “trying NOT to conceive” whilst not really minding if we had an accident. Oh what wishful thinking that was!

We stopped kidding ourselves and started actively trying to conceive in September 2010 which was around the same time that work got stressful and my cycles went all screwy with lots of mid cycle spotting and short cycles. My GP did some tests and diagnosed that I “probably” had PCOS. Thankfully I have healthcare through work so I asked to undergo further tests as we wanted to conceive and therefore would like to rule out anything sinister. At this point my BMI was 27.something so I switched to the low GI lifestyle and lost 30lbs. This brought my BMI down to 24.something and my symptoms improved.

2 cervical smears, 2 internal ultrasounds, 1 external ultrasound, endless bloodwork, an HSG and a hysteroscopy later and the diagnosis of PCOS seems to have stuck, but hey, all of those other tests were fun, right??

When Mr Turtle got his test results we were totally gobsmacked. They were not good. Very not good. Only ICSI will do as you’re highly unlikely to ever fall naturally kind of not good. We made some big lifestyle changes (vitamins, bananas, no booze, no hot baths) and went back for a retest 10 weeks later and saw a drastic improvement. Still no fast swimmers, but at least some of them (9%) were swimming forwards this time (vs 0% forward swimmers last time, hell last time 98% of them didn’t even try to move and 2 % just had twitchy tails). There were also 4 times as many. If they could quadruple every 10 weeks then in a year we might have enough sp.unk to not be classed as infertile.

The consultant was pleased with Mr Turtle’s progress and while he was referring us for ICSI he wanted us to try 3 rounds of clomid in the meantime as “it only takes one”. Not wanting to be out-done by that husband of mine, I massively over-responded to clomid and my day 21 progesterone level went from an “inadequate” 21.1 to a whopping 174. Still no bl.oody baby!

Our first attempt at IVF (with ICSI) in 2012 was a failure. They found an endometriotic cyst on my left ovary so we decided to do a laparoscopy while we waited the mandatory 6 months before starting the second cycle. They found that my left ovary is stuck to my uterus and bowel, which is nice. We went ahead with ICSI #2 in May 2013 feeling depressed & deflated and BAM, a BFP. EDD 24/02/14. We’re still in total shock and so, so, so grateful.

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